Available for lease in most regions and for sale worldwide, Advantage Energy Solutions clean burn or stochiometric generators offer a “smart” on-site power solution that is more versatile and economical than diesel alternatives. Use flare gas, wellhead gas or propane to generate your own power. Synchronize as many as seven (7) power units to generate as much as 700 KW of sustained total power output. Both clean burn and stochiometric units available.


More Versatile and Economical than Diesel

    • Models available in 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 KW

    • All units are available for Stochiometric or Clean burn fuel sources

    • Operate on 710 LHV to 1443 HHV BTU/CF Fuel Gas

    • H2S handling up to 4M ppm available

    • Up to seven (7) units can be synchronized to generate up to 700KW (525 KW clean burn)

    • Rated for Continuous Duty - Standard

    • Whisper Quiet - Standard

    • Spill Containment - Standard

    • Solid-state controls - Standard

    • SAT System

      Vented Enclosure - Standard

    • Trailer and Grade Units Available

    • 240/480 VAC 60HZ

    • Safety/Shutdown Protection - Standard

    • Natural Gas or Propane Fueled

      Up to 40% Less Fuel Consumption

    • Local Service and Support


The Leader In Noise Abatement

Advantage Energy Solutions “Weather Beater Ghost Package” is the industry leader in noise abatement and incorporates the most advanced noise abatement design, materials and control equipment available.



All units exceed Noise Standard Requirements set by EPA, BLM CO, LA, NM, TX and the most stringent municipal sound ordinances.

Advantage Energy Solutions portable power systems are available for purchase worldwide and lease in certain areas that are supported by an ever growing service network.


Emission Compliance

Advantage portable power units are available for Clean Burn or Stochiometric operation. Clean Burn available for low or high BTU fuel gas applications. For rich fuel sources, Stochiometric systems utilize a 3-way catalyst. Both unit configurations exceed all State and EPA emission requirements and can be run in tandem or scaled up to as many as 7 units for optimum continuous power generation. All Advantage power units are capable of handling fuel with H2S content up to 4,000 PPM, utilizing our H2S processing facility.



Advantage Energy Solutions Clean-Burn Fuel System technology reduces NOx by using excess air to lower the temperature in the combustion chamber. This temperature reduction reduces the oxidation of the nitrogen (NOx). Engines running with large amounts of excess air can achieve NOx levels below 1 Gram/HP-HR.

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